Information researched by Trading Platforms UK shows that 70% of the top ten richest individuals earned their wealth from expertise trading as of March 1, 2021. The top ten richest people manage a wealth of $1.14 trillion, with tech gamers accounting for $855.9. Arab.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the richest person globally with a net worth of $181 billion, having been adopted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk for $174 billion. Microsoft founder Invoice Gates ranks third with a net worth of $135 billion.

The report explains some of the underlying components that resulted in the tech sector dominating the top ten wealthiest checklists. Considering the analysis report:

“The dominance of the rich list according to technology industry data is also a factor in the resilience of the sector in times of crisis. The technology rose to prominence due to its ability to provide options to help people deal with the crisis.

For example, during the health crisis, most billionaires in the region like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos made more money as more people took advantage of e-commerce platforms amid lockdowns and focused on home remedies. ”

US, China host 49% of the most 500 billionaires globally

Furthermore, the findings show that the US has the best diversity of billionaires globally at 156, while China ranks second at 86. Due to this fact, 2 countries account for 49% of the top 500 billionaires globally.

Germany ranks third out of 24 with 28 billionaires adopted by Russia. Hong Kong and France observe, each has 17 billionaires. The UK and India each have 16 billionaires. Canada is ranked ninth with 15 billionaires while Sweden is at the tenth position with 11 billionaires.

The assessment also shows that the tech industry has the highest number of billionaires globally at 84. The industrial space has been adopted by diversified at 50 with 56 billionaires while the buyer has 43 billionaires. Elsewhere there are 37 billionaires in finance while the fewest billionaires in leisure are 10.

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