Shochiku Co., Ltd. launched the February 10 release of “INTO by Shochiku”, a software mostly based on the theme of “long-time leisure expertise”. This time around, Shochiku has created an AR software with the aim of reaching open innovation in Kabuki and realizing a world in which people of all ages can watch performances anytime and anywhere, even during the pandemic. can enjoy.

Additionally, a special video can be delivered using three-dimensional results to present astonishing AR efficiency.

This “first” augmented reality (AR) kabuki proficiency will make the most of the alternatives to AR expertise to create an entirely new and thrilling kabuki expertise.

Combining this app with a special video, a lion spirit represented by kabuki actor Katoka Ainosuke will be visible by the digital camera of a smartphone or tablet, and the peon and the spray of water will appear in three dimensions changing with sound.

For kabuki actor proficiency, volumetric seizure expertise (technical collaboration: Sony Music Leisure (Japan) Inc. and Sony Company) is used to generate 3D information from video footage of accurate kabuki actors.

Please maintain a smartphone or tablet running this app to view specific videos that may be delivered.

*This efficiency requires two gadgets: a smartphone or tablet with the “INTO by Shochiku” app downloaded, and a PC or tablet to play dedicated videos.

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